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Annual Training - Recharge, Refocus, Restart

Annual Training at Shinnyo-en gives us an opportunity to recharge our energy, refocus our efforts and restart our everyday practice for the year.

What is Annual Training?

It is a series of short talks, chanting and meditation sessions specifically designed to be accessible to people at all levels of experience during the second half of January each year.

The original form of this training is from the Japanese tradition engaging in austerities in order to develop oneself mentally, physically and spiritually. The intent of such ascetic practices is to aim towards a state of enlightenment and develop one’s heart and mind through tests of physical endurance.

Annual Training is the oldest form of practice in Shinnyo-en, having been held continuously since 1936 and through time, it has been further enhanced so that people from all walks of life can relate.

Opening Period (Purification)

The Opening Period is a 3 day program of short talks, practical meditation and chanting.  The focus during this period is to work on purifying acts of body, speech and mind.

Middle Period (Altruistic Practice)

The Middle Period is to actualize the Buddha's teaching through altruistic acts as part of our daily life at home, work, and in the community.

Closing Period (Realising Buddha's Wisdom)

The Closing Period encompasses a similar 3 day program to the Opening Period.  During this time we endeavour to cultivate wisdom we associate with buddhas from realisations gained in the purification of the Opening Period and the practice of the Middle Period.


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