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What is Shinnyo-en?

Why Is Religion Necessary?

You may be wondering why religion or spirituality in one's daily life is important.  There are many who have the feeling that the material world we see around us is not all that exists.  We have many questions about why the world exists as it does, why there is suffering, and why happiness seems to be so elusive. 

There are answers to such questions, and one way to find them is to reflect and gain insight through some form of spiritual or religious practice.  At Shinnyo-en, practice and meditation are combined to provide a complete training.  The meditation in Shinnyo-en provides a powerful tool for looking at aspects of ourselves that would be virtually impossible to see otherwise.  Combined with proper practice, the potential for spiritual growth is limitless. 

An important concept in Buddhism is that of karma.  A simple way to understand karma is to think of a seed (the cause).  When given the proper soil and water (the conditions), it will sprout (the result).  This is known simply as the principle of cause and effect.  In Shinnyo-en, we learn that by becoming aware of the causes of suffering, we can act based on that knowledge.  The effect is that we bring out our true and natural self, our buddha nature, which is joyous, eternal, and truly free. 

Shinnyo-en teaches one to appreciate and make the most of one's foundation, including any prior religion.  It values all spiritual truths, and does not ask its members to convert or give up any other religion they are practicing.  Anyone interested simply requests membership and begins to practice under the care of the person who introduced him or her to the community.  Coming from different countries and religious traditions, members gather in various parts of the globe for support and training. 

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