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What is Shinnyo-en?

Buddhism For Our Times

Shinnyo-en is a Buddhist community that is based on the "last teachings" of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.  Its aim is to make the enlightenment of the Buddha available to as many people as possible through the vehicle of self-reflection and altruism.  Through the centuries, Buddhist training leading to enlightenment has been available to all, but it has been mostly those who renounced the worldly life to become monks or nuns who have taken advantage of it.

Shinnyo-en provides an alternative framework for guidance and practice so that ordinary people can make society their primary training ground.  Its doctrine is firmly grounded in traditional Buddhism, and lay practitioners can train to achieve a state of mind on par with conventional clergy.  In short, it is a diverse spiritual community (sangha) that tries to support each and every one of its members to walk the path toward wisdom and enlightenment.

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