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What is Shinnyo-en?

Lineage System

Everyone at Shinnyo-en becomes a member through a mentor called "guiding parent." This is the person who introduces a new follower to the community and helps that person to practice.

When the community was small, Shinjo and Tomoji Ito guided followers directly, making them feel like part of a family.  However, with increasing numbers of followers, such direct guidance became impossible, and so guiding parents are now responsible for conveying their same loving kindness and compassion.  This dharma (teaching) relationship helps both the "guiding parent" and the "guiding child" to exchange experiences, gain greater insight, and practice in a way that nurtures each other's Buddha nature.

Through this system of guiding parents and guiding children, members are organized into groups called "lineages" that cater to people's individual needs and for maintaining the warm feeling of fellowship that has existed since Shinnyo-en's birth.

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